The Evil Within All

21st of Illenith

The adventurers are still trapped below Kaponya Spire.

Searching through the Next section, after being locked down into a room, the adventurers continue onward.

In the bowels of the spire, they found what appeared to be an ancient and abandoned temple to Urgathoa. one of the adventurers found a necklace with teeth in glass spheres. Others found silvered daggers.

They also stumbled upon several traps and a a rather ingenious puzzle which involved clock hands. They failed at the puzzle and wound up being forced to fight a shade. After using some magically charged pure silver daggers, they continued to explore until they found a small laboratory. Within they fought some plague zombies, but that seemed to be all as they were hurting even worse for wear and needed rest. They blocked themselves into the room and waited again.



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