The Evil Within All

A New Beginning... Again

1st of Ferandis -

1st of Ferandis:

Party meets each other in The Serpent’s Pub. There are two jobs taken from the board in the pub. One to inspect the tunnels under the city that have been found through a sink hole, the second for Kaponya Spire. They agree to check the tunnels. They go to speak with “The Orphans” (city watch), and are told about thee particulars. 13 gold for each person to inspect what made the tunnels, more if they can find out what happened to the 4 guards who went to inspect, two guards four days ago, two guards two days ago. They go to the sink hole and are given a rope ladder which the witch Zilvra promptly throws down the hole without thinking. The other two drow have to go back into town and have to buy more rope. they climb down into the sink hole, however, the dwarf only barely makes it half way down before he slips and falls almost to his death (-9 hp).

Inspecting the sink hole reveals spiders. Lots of them. and a single dead body. They try to rest in the caverns but are attacked by more swarms of spiders carrying a body. They fight off the spiders and bring the body back.

2nd of Ferandis: Turn in the body. Have to wait for Zilvra to heal up for four days to regain lost strength. Velve meets up with Madrigal in an effort to get in touch with people who know how to get into Berandus Under. Zilvra finds a drow, the sister of Angela, and gets a map showing her several Ma’m’s on the maps. Velve goes to look for the Raven’s guild.

4th of Ferandis: The group meets with Lord Ignacious Madrigal and sign a patronage conttract.

5th of Fernadis: Go back down to finish the tunnels job. After exploring to the end, they are confronted with a giant spider. They battle it and destroy it.

Grand Total – 5 Spider Swarms, 2 Giant Spiders, 1 Troglodyte, 1 Spider Queen – 1000 Exp.



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