The Evil Within All

Back to Town

23rd of Illineth - 28th of Illineth

After releasing the real Lady of Kaponya Spire and disposing of her doppel, the characters are given a sum of money for rescuing here and head back to Basilica to resupply.

They arrive in the city to speak with several sages to get items appraised – especially the necklaces that were found on the bodies in the first basement level of the spire. While walking around, they discovered three sages had made their homes in the small town. The first was a hippie-like mage who identified the necklaces. They were revealed to be a mixture of gentle repose and sanguine sustenance necklaces. Looking for a fair price, they discovered a dwarven smith-sage and an old woman who turned out to be a Drow in disguise.

Asha was chased by a Bloodrager who insisted that she would taste delicious because the voices in his head told him so. She managed to barely escape before he discovered a paper dropped by her; namely the original order for help from Kaponya Spire. The Bloodrager heads off there to see if Asha went there too.

Several people seaarched for potions to help them, and to sell their stuff. Th Drow stayed just long enough to make friends with the hidden drow sage and to hire a priest from the Iron Brotherhood known as Fidellus.



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