The Evil Within All

Chronicle: The Beginning

Journal of Zilvra

15 Quintas
The start of our journey is going well, and the small fortune mother had been hiding will come in handy I think. I was not quite sure how I would manage this journey on the small amount of coins she allotted a month for spending. To think she had been sitting on nine hundred gold pieces this whole time. Though it makes me wonder…what was she holding so much for? It at lease allowed enough for me to get new traveling cloths, my standards were such a bloody mess. Who would have thought the youngest would give so much trouble. Little brat scratched my face too. At least I have the pleasure to know her soul now belongs to the succubus.
I had hoped to fleet out of Medelzurin by that night, though it proved to be a relatively optimistic thought. It is best to let the city think my house simply fled rather than the truth. It perhaps would have been easier then dragging what was left of them into the mushroom forest. Though, best I return as the lone survivor of my family then the butcher, though the houses would understand if they knew everything. Some secrets are best kept to one’s self though. Luckily on the third trip I stumbled across another drow who seemed in a similar circumstance. Merolil’Rak should prove useful, and his subdued nature befits my style. He could still use a little training when addressing me, however, it is minor. My house has too many enemies and he seems oblivious of my deeds, despite the blood that stained my wardrobe.
I had hoped to make note each day of our travels, though I am finding time alone is hard to find. I am one drow, and succubus made it entirely clear that overconfidence would be my down fall. I shudder to think what hell she would place me in should I fail my contract. For now a lack of timeline is refreshing, though I am sure she will grow impatient should I dally too much. Tomorrow we will breach the surface, luckily we were able to obtain glasses to protect from the sun above. It shall not be easy to hide what we are; yet, it is not too uncommon to see drow above. After all, we are not the first to be cast out or abandon Medelzurin on a greater errand. I do not have much knowledge of the surface, nor a place to even begin, only a small drawing of a knife. I wonder why succubus wants five of them, are there only five M’ams?
Port Lyss will be my first stop, a large city, perhaps I will find some direction there. Surely someone there has heard of these M’ams. The walk shall be a long one.

21 Quintas
It was a miserable day, hot and who knew the sun would be so harsh! Nothing but dusty road for miles. We should really look into a better way for travel. One of those carriages that passed us would be nice, though hardly ideal. I might just have to learn riding a horse, though it does not look very comfortable.

29 Quintas
So this man, Merolil’Rak, it would seem has been shunned. Perhaps this is why he did not ask so many questions. I shall have to figure out exactly what his family did we have enough time for idle chatter whilst we travel. It has been a week already, this road is endless, though more traffic is a good sign, even if it is unwanted.
An outlaw of Mendelzurin is ideal, less questions, I can only stomach so much dishonor. They were guards, but guards of what? Usually they are simply dismissed for petty failings, not completely removed….
30 Quintas
We are not far now, I would have preferred to push into the night, I do prefer traveling in the dark. Merolil’Rak is correct though, humans see night travel as suspicious; we do not want that. As we get closer I can feel my nerves tingling. I cannot appear to falter, yet, what am I looking for? I am not even sure if Port Lyss was a good direction…
…I cannot think that way, of course I picked a good start, we will find a lead there. Though we have funds…I could perhaps stall a few days with some odd jobs, you are constantly hearing stories of heroes on quests for money, they do not need to know my future plan.

3 Ferandis
We made the city, though it did not go well, not well at all! Of course I decided getting another in a party from the surface would be smart, yet a dwarf….A crass, beligerant, drunken dwarf! What have I gotten myself into…
…I suppose I should explain a bit more least I try to read through this later….
The travel into town was not…horrible…a few strange looks, though with our hoods up it was not terrible. We managed to find a decent tavern, quiet enough for my liking. There were only two jobs, though I need time to stall. Luckily one was underground and local. That should bode well. Oddly enough though, a posting for a dwarf wishing to find the river of sticks….Not many have reason to venture there…
However, we could use another, especially a surface dwarf, I would bargain with him, he helps me, and I will help him find that river of sticks, one way or another.
First mistake…a dwarf! What was I thinking? Of course I could not find some mortal human, they are so easily manipulated…I could already see after one meal this would be a very, very long journey. At least clearing these caves would give me a chance to see if he is even worth the time.
So now our little party became three when oddly another drow reached out. I knew others were up here, though to find one on my third day above? Velve House Viclogafen…so familiar…I cannot quite place my finger on where I have heard or seen that name…He has manners enough, and brings us to four. At least it is not another dwarf…
We made our way to the first job, our contact the city guards. This would prove useful, it is good to be well liked by the city officials. It seems a sink hole appeared and someone or something has been tunneling. Low and behold, spiders…I had been hopeful at first, perhaps I could talk with them through my pet, yet, it appeared not. They were not hard for the most part, that was untilled one managed to strike me. I was so drained of strength…poison obviously. Now here I am forced to rest. If I cannot even dispatch a cavern of spiders….

4 Ferandis

Today I felt much stronger. I decided while everyone was out I would look for some answers on my own. All cities have a chant to help visitors, I started there. Other than the grotesque gnomes in that putrid place it proved quite helpful. Who to help me better than a wizard, a wizard that does not want to be found and hides in a dark part of town. Sounds just like the person I need. I knew it would cost a pretty penny, one hundred gold should settle it.
To my surprise, the wizard was another drow! Perhaps the heart I took on the way down brought the Beauty’s blessing. This place is just crawling with drow, odd I think. Though she knew of what I sought and I even procured a map of their locations. It would not be long before the knives become mine and I obtain the information I need. Who are the M’am and what are they to the Beauty? Succubus would not have me kill The Beauty’s minions, not without good cause at least. She said I could borrow this map…I should memorize it quickly, though perhaps when I have time I can simply copy the map. I do not see why she would hold this map so dearly, this better pan off, that hundred gold was almost the last of my funds. Even odder still was her strange obsession that I knew who she was…I merely thought her to be dark wizard…and who would I tell of her location? I know none but those I met a few days past. Perhaps I can probe the other drow and dwarf on this…I must be careful though.
It would seem I was not the only busy bee this day as Velve also met with someone by the name of Lord Madrigal. Strange man that one, though not bad looking for a human. I am not sure what Velve seeks of him, yet his offer of steady jobs and pay sounds quite good. After nearly being defeated by a spider I could use the training. He also knows of the knives…It would seem my first location will be M’am Cathiel to the south, though first we will go north on this odd quest. This human seems to have quite the web on the surface, a web in which we are but one of a million spiders…he could prove useful, and when one has so many spiders…it is not so easy to notice when some are getting bigger then one’s self….

5 Ferandis

We finished the job in the sink well. The pay was not nearly worth the work. However…being drow…it has granted a less watchful eye. Now we move for Lord Madrigal’s errand to Port Venn. I am not sure why he wants this man so publically humiliated, though it should prove an easy enough task….



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