Agatha the Ranger


Agatha is a Ranger that’s favored enemy is human. Being full elf, this woman has some vindiction against that race because of what happened to her parents and family. As she started scouting the woods, she became proficient in it, gathering that woods and forest were her favored terrain. So far, some of her feats are shooting into Melee, Many shot and deadly aim.

Not else is revealed throughout the campaign with the others since this Elven Ranger likes to keep to herself. Oddly enough, when it comes to protecting herself or others, she strikes without thinking, as seen with two Sorceresses. One of which was a crazy old Sorceress that tried to inadvertently get them killed.


All that this ranger has chosen to disclose to other players is that she really likes trapping. She first met Iscah in a Tavern with a slight buzz and proceeded to tell this woman about how she was trapping a pig so that she could later on sell it in town.

So far she had been wandering around just making a living from trap to trap until the fateful day that a Sorceress named Kracken and Cleric Iscah met her in a tavern. After that day, she had been dragged along on an adventure and feels as though a purpose in life has been given to her. Feeling as though her Ranger skills could be made useful, she went along.


The Evil Within All Skwerl