Avera Catheil

Quarter Sorceress


Originally known as Ma’m Catheil, she was once a sorceress who was hiding within the ruins of Tevin’s Cross. It was here that she was soused out by Adventurers on a mission from Lord Madrigal. She led the adventurers to a place known as the Vale of Unwinding Sorrows. It was here that they found and then pillaged the Well that was there. They did this in return for a single dagger found on a corpse on the inside of the Vale.

That was 17 years ago.

Around the same time that the adventurers had come through, a group of Bishops made their way to the ruined city and forced the sorceress to flee. It was not clear as to where she fled to, but there were rumors of a strange woman who was followed by many children. The children were all dressed in white and seemed to have unnatural strength. Even still, while the woman helped people, she still demanded a price.

Now it has been revealed that she is one of the Four Great Sorceresses. In turn, she has been named by Aiden, as Southra, Great Cardinal Sorceress of the South.

Her animosity towards Westal (Aiden) is palpable. She still has her thralls – the children – however, they have been seen less and less. According to the oral tradition of the orcs, she is known as the Red Demon, and her Knight is a great man of Armour and Fire.

Currently, M’am Cathiel is has been seen in two seperate Vales and has even attacked Aiden inside of her own tower. As to her end game, no one is still quite sure. However, she seems to be up to something…

Avera Catheil

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