Crazy Sorceress Lady

We encountered this woman while coming back from Berandis Under


While on our way back from Berandis Under we encountered this strange old woman who didn’t want any help. She was carrying a tall wooden staff of some sort, which was later revealed to have a spell of “Forgetfulness” on it.

We met her while traveling in a carriage. We decided it was a good idea to pull over and try to help her. She insisted that she was running away from the Orcs chasing her, but it was apparent she was traveling about 5 steps every few minutes… which was an incredibly slow pace. She warned us of the trouble in the plains behind us, and we soon to happen upon Orcs. One of the Orcs happened to be Brakkard (or more commonly referred to as Brak) in a raid. He was a young adolescent Half-Orc that was in the back of the party.

As the attack of the Orcs fell upon our campaign party, Iscah who was riding inside heard the commotion on top of the carriage. Unbeknownst to her, the Ranger fell unconscious on top of the carriage and that’s what the large uncanny THUMP was. Startled by this large unknown noise, Iscah managed to open the carriage door -

and thereby slamming open the door in the old Sorcereress’s face.

The woman went reeling on to the top of the carriage and crashed into Gar, the fighter and clipped the halfing Bard. After being healed by the Bard, a dazed Elven Ranger woke up to find a small stout woman crushing two of her companions. After an excited exclamation of “WHAT THE FUCK” the Ranger managed to plant her boot between the womans breasts and heaved her off the top of the carriage.

There was a cacophony of light and sound as the Sorceresses staff broke in two, unleashing the “Spell of Forgetting”. After the explosion, the party found themselves in scattered disarray – including an Elven Ranger found partially naked underneath a carriage dragged next to a half naked Cleric by Gar. It was a confusing time and many of our party were afflicted with this forgetfulness and the Bard happily spun a tale to his benefit, introducing Brak into our party as a trustworthy companion.


She is an old sorceress who uses a staff. Nothing else is much known about her.

Crazy Sorceress Lady

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