Grey H Barne

disgraced merchant


Originally a well-to-do merchant int he city of Port Venn, he had an exclusive contract with Oreiska House and sold some of the best slaves in all of the city. His relationship with the duke was rather indifferent seeing as the duke sees slavery as a necessary evil. His home, as well as his business was based out of two large buildings located within the Petal District. He had two very good friends, one being on the council with him.

In a startling turn of events, it was discovered that he was getting ready to poison the Duke of the city, using his own slaves as testing stock. He was placed into Jail without reprieve.

Without his knowing, Lord Madrigal had charged a group of adventurers to frame Barne with the act of treason against the crown. Of Barne’s two friends, they also provided testimony to the Duke about his dubious nature.

Grey H Barne

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