Gularz Guildarts

Retired Headmaster ofthe Alchemical College


Gularz was not always a learned orc. He was, fora short while, a rather strong and crude barbarian warrior of his tribe. Raised on the Planes of Rondin, he was part of the Clan Black Talon. During an ill-fated raiding party however, he was heavily wounded in his left arm and left for dead on the planes. He was later found by Amelia Guildartz while she was on an expedition. Due to her inability to leave a creature in pain, she nursed him back to health and used what little magic in the healing arts she had to mend him back together. His left arm would never be the same however. She then took him back to the college that she taught at – The College of Alchemy.

It was here, that Gularz Black Talon soon became learned in the ways of alchemists. They were difficult years in which Gularz was slowly taught by Amelia, given a purpose to learn something to do with his life now that he could no longer wield an orcish double-ax. Many at the college spoke of those days as the days of “thunder-wonder”, a critique on how quick to anger he was, as well as how quickly he learned.

Soon, Gularz was inducted as a teacher at the school and began to climb the ranks due to his unique knowledge to the Planes of Rondin. He lead many an expedition there and soon was promoted to the Headmaster of the college. His teacher and mentor Amelia was proud of him. As a nod to her kindness, he took her last name and changed his Clan name from Black Talon to Guildartz. As his second year as headmaster, he married a comely young half orc by the name of Jezza. They had a daughter by the name of Merria. When she turned seven, he and his wife took her on an expedition to the tall grass and were attacked by a group of marauding Bear Claws. The expedition was left in shambles, his wife killed, his daughter taken.

Upon returning to the college, he retired from his position as headmaster and went into the wilds to hunt down the Clan that had taken his daughter. Hunting them almost to extermination, he finally discovered that the Bear Claws had sold her to a band of roving Drow into the under dark. Enraged, he flew down into the Nar-Voth and stayed there. He set up shop in Bastida Di’drago and was there during The Fall. He has remained tehre ever since, in an uneasy truce between him and the only other person whom he can get his supplies from, Jezibaba.

Living in Azurith cavern, he has become something of a legend, even if most people only know him as a sage.

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Gularz Guildarts

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