Half Elf Cleric



Iscah is a Half Elf Cleric of the Order of Sarenrae. She had recently completed her studies at the Cloister on the main Continent and is back home to the Jeweled Isles for the first time in ten years. She had been slowly and aimlessly traveling the Isles when she came across a full Elf (a rare occurance) named Agatha drinking in a tavern one fateful day. Pleased to find someone of her father’s race, she also encounters Kracken another half elf visiting the tavern as well that day. Not believing in coincidence she follows them, wondering if she will find a place in the world she can call home finally.


Grandmother was named Jazz, also a Cleric of Sarenrae. Grandfather unknown.

Mother is a human named Aya and is still living in one of the Jeweled Isles major port cities. She is a prosperous business woman there. Her father is an Elf named Naiat (translates as Ancient Fire) whose location is unknown but is known to have wanderlust and travels the known world.


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