Lord Madrigal


Boon A merchant prince can arrange the purchase or sale of an item as if the local community were two categories larger than normal. A merchant prince can also sell any item under the community’s base value at a 10% discount.


Merchant princes are the captains of commerce, canny mercantilists who deal with nation-spanning trade contracts in bulk commodities as well as backroom deals over baubles of great price. They are clever negotiators and can serve as highly skilled spies, diplomats, or charlatans emulating true magicians. “Lord” Madrigal is just such a person. The man, while canny in his own way is also known under his moniker due to his purchase of the title from the Royal House of Inveress. While Conclavus was still passing out titles, he too wound up with just such a one. Even still, there is a lot of talk stating that this man could very well be the lost last scion of House Lyons.

Lord Madrigal

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