A gypsie granted the title of Aranya de Cayesmengro.


The Aranya de Cayesmengro is a Romani woman who lives within the city of Westgate. She controls the small silk mercantile there and is known by the name Rosamund. Rosamund is very protective of her people as well as the secrets of the silk that is produced by her small guild. She is one of the few Romani peoples who are not plauged with wanderlust. As to the reason for this, she merely shrugs it off.

Rosamund is a fxture to the comunity and very well respected. She is known to have a few secrets, none which any begrudge her. However she is also known to be wealthy in her own right as she is the owner of the small silk guild. She is known to ask for help from adventuring parties in order to acheive her own ends if neccessary.

As to the title of Cayesmengro, she will not say, only that it is something that her anestors passed down to her.


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