The Evil Within All

Holy Vampiric Entrail Skeletons Batman!!!

Brakkard here dropping some info into our page cuz I’m brown and bored. So last I remember we (Brakkard, Iscah, Gar, and Cath) were all in the dungeon under the “abandoned” Baroness’s estate. Thus far we have built a bridge of broken wooden tables and 100ft of silk rope to a tower with a switch controlling a giant impenetrable steel door with an illusion spell right behind it. We have traveled all of the southern-most rooms all the way to the southeastern-most corner of the first level of dungeon (B1). After removing multiple Ghouls and Skeletons from our path, we traded attacks with what was a writhing, teaming mass of entrails inhabiting a skeleton (Mohrg?). We defeated that pain in the ass then proceeded on to find more rooms to the center of the dungeon level B1. After battling along through these rooms we enter a room with a single floor tile that (upon Sense Magic being used) glows with a magical aura. Pressing on it slightly causes the tile to sink under the floor and skeletons burst from the walls. We defeat 10 total (out of 12) before the room starts shaking and the floor falls out from under us. We make it to the northern-most door and proceed into a hallway that we clear out and camp in, leaving the left over skeletons falling to their presumed permanent dooms. We also found an ossuary in the southeastern-most part of the map, which has a secret switch behind the altar that, when activated, raises mosaic-like grooves in the floor for channeling sacrificial blood from the bowl on the altar.

Main Things to Note
- There seems to be a certain tile lining a good number of the walls and we have determined that skeletons ARE behind the tiles and some have come to life (see above).
- The corpses that hang in a room close to the original entrance are filled with poison gas. There was no way to determine how much gas was in each corpse, we were only informed that there could be multiple bags containing gas in each limb of each body. DO NOT DISTURB!!!
- The fountain in the room behind the portrait of the “7ft tall elven vampire” possesses a 3-5 inch deep pool of semi-warm blood (as of this posting). The room is also impeccably clean.
- There seem to be some sort of human/vampire hybrids being Frankensteined in the dungeon.
- The emblem of the wraith seems to be quite saturating in this dungeon.

The Cleric's ass summons Ghasts!!!

Brakkard here again!!! So since last time I updated we played again (big surprise!!!). Myself, Iscah, Gar, Aggie, and Edal continued where we left off from the previous post. Down the hall we camped in was a large room with 5 doors (two of which held water that healed or did damage, and two of which exploded on contact). The fifth door led us to an even larger room that descended slightly and ended at an altar that appeared to be a summoning circle. After lighting one of the five candles around the circle (thanks Gar), I decided to rape Iscah in the ass again and Gar helped hold her down. Immediately we were attacked by 10 Ghasts, which proved to be quite a match for us. We managed to defeat them all (after many of us spending 3/4 of the fight paralyzed and/or unconscious… BIG THANKS TO EDAL AND ISCAH FOR THE AWESOME HEALS AND BUFFS ) but were unable to loot them due to the summoning circle activating and the room filling with fire. All we saw was an arm coming from the summoning circle before we RAN FOR OUR LIVES!!! (“What do we take from this? The Cleric’s ass summons Ghasts!!!”) We traveled further and discovered stairs leading to the second level of the dungeon (B2). Immediately after descending we found our way into a room with more gas corpses (see last posting) that we ignored. The next room had lab tables and a scientist stitching something together (from the appearance of some of the enemies we’ve fought we deduce that he is making more enemies for us). Gar kills him and “wolves” seemingly stitched together come out from under the tables to attack us. We easily disassemble them then proceed down the hallway further, finding a secret switch next to the next door. Through the door is a trap that looks like two spiked walls with the spikes facing each other leaving just enough room for someone to walk between. Pulling the switch once flips the bottoms of both spike walls out and raising them to the ceiling (now looking like a spiked ceiling). Pulling the switch again causes the bottoms to release swinging both spike walls down crushing into each other effectively impaling and crushing anything in between. Pulling the switch again separates the spike walls to their original positions ready to go through the same positions again. We then set the walls in the up and ready positions and go back to the lab where we killed the wolves. Since the lab has no other entrances and satisfied that we are safe we lock the lab door from the inside and rest therein.

21st of Illenith

The adventurers are still trapped below Kaponya Spire.

Searching through the Next section, after being locked down into a room, the adventurers continue onward.

In the bowels of the spire, they found what appeared to be an ancient and abandoned temple to Urgathoa. one of the adventurers found a necklace with teeth in glass spheres. Others found silvered daggers.

They also stumbled upon several traps and a a rather ingenious puzzle which involved clock hands. They failed at the puzzle and wound up being forced to fight a shade. After using some magically charged pure silver daggers, they continued to explore until they found a small laboratory. Within they fought some plague zombies, but that seemed to be all as they were hurting even worse for wear and needed rest. They blocked themselves into the room and waited again.

Back to Town
23rd of Illineth - 28th of Illineth

After releasing the real Lady of Kaponya Spire and disposing of her doppel, the characters are given a sum of money for rescuing here and head back to Basilica to resupply.

They arrive in the city to speak with several sages to get items appraised – especially the necklaces that were found on the bodies in the first basement level of the spire. While walking around, they discovered three sages had made their homes in the small town. The first was a hippie-like mage who identified the necklaces. They were revealed to be a mixture of gentle repose and sanguine sustenance necklaces. Looking for a fair price, they discovered a dwarven smith-sage and an old woman who turned out to be a Drow in disguise.

Asha was chased by a Bloodrager who insisted that she would taste delicious because the voices in his head told him so. She managed to barely escape before he discovered a paper dropped by her; namely the original order for help from Kaponya Spire. The Bloodrager heads off there to see if Asha went there too.

Several people seaarched for potions to help them, and to sell their stuff. Th Drow stayed just long enough to make friends with the hidden drow sage and to hire a priest from the Iron Brotherhood known as Fidellus.

A New Beginning... Again
1st of Ferandis -

1st of Ferandis:

Party meets each other in The Serpent’s Pub. There are two jobs taken from the board in the pub. One to inspect the tunnels under the city that have been found through a sink hole, the second for Kaponya Spire. They agree to check the tunnels. They go to speak with “The Orphans” (city watch), and are told about thee particulars. 13 gold for each person to inspect what made the tunnels, more if they can find out what happened to the 4 guards who went to inspect, two guards four days ago, two guards two days ago. They go to the sink hole and are given a rope ladder which the witch Zilvra promptly throws down the hole without thinking. The other two drow have to go back into town and have to buy more rope. they climb down into the sink hole, however, the dwarf only barely makes it half way down before he slips and falls almost to his death (-9 hp).

Inspecting the sink hole reveals spiders. Lots of them. and a single dead body. They try to rest in the caverns but are attacked by more swarms of spiders carrying a body. They fight off the spiders and bring the body back.

2nd of Ferandis: Turn in the body. Have to wait for Zilvra to heal up for four days to regain lost strength. Velve meets up with Madrigal in an effort to get in touch with people who know how to get into Berandus Under. Zilvra finds a drow, the sister of Angela, and gets a map showing her several Ma’m’s on the maps. Velve goes to look for the Raven’s guild.

4th of Ferandis: The group meets with Lord Ignacious Madrigal and sign a patronage conttract.

5th of Fernadis: Go back down to finish the tunnels job. After exploring to the end, they are confronted with a giant spider. They battle it and destroy it.

Grand Total – 5 Spider Swarms, 2 Giant Spiders, 1 Troglodyte, 1 Spider Queen – 1000 Exp.

History of Zilvra and rebirth of House Kathtallar

The Rebirth of House Yathtallar

After the fall of their head Priestess during the invasion of mortals the entirety of the Drow nation felt deep shame. Many houses were exterminated or worse, removed from history and banished to the surface. The house of Yathtallar escaped the deep rooted inquisition, remaining in the deep shadows it had always played. Matron Yathtallar seemed so devoid of anger that it sunk to Zilvra’s core, how could mother not care? The Beauty Underneath had been played and falsified by their own society. Zilvra, Matron Yathtallar’s oldest child, could not stand idle, her family had taken to the shadows for too long and she would see them rise once more. In 500 years they had kept their presence remote, unknown to many in idle worship. She would change it all and bring the Beauty to flesh so she might have her retribution.

Years seeped by as she plotted, like a spider waiting for the strum of its prey in her web. She gathered and planned her exit, she would leave a traitor to her family and return as the true high priestess of the Beauty Underneath to truly rule in her vision. She knew of the dragonriders, she knew of the elf kind that invaded her home. Though their death would be like a thick sweet honey to her touch, it was the Ma’m she truly loathed. A creature who deemed itself as one of them, entering their home, poisoning the priestess and destroying the Drow pride. She would hunt them all down, every last one, learn their secrets and find out their connection, why they came and proclaimed ties to the Beauty. She garnered as much description as she could, even procuring a drawing of its very weapon, a tool that could steal the life of another. Ma’m Catheil was the only name she could obtain, but she knew through the whispers of her webs that there were more. They had a connection, how she did not know, but she would find out. She would destroy them, or become one of them if they truly are of the Beauty’s will.

Only her mother stood in the way, long arguments took place, requesting permission to go above, to find these women who brought such disgrace below. She knew her mother had sat too long, now she enjoyed the idle position of observer, one of non-action. Zilvra would not stand to let this be swept under a sea of time until all drow forgot that day. Even know the bitter hatred was steaming away and soon to leave no blood left to boil. If her mother would not give her permission she would go to the house demon, Yk’Lagor Silitha(Succubus), for blessing.

She went at dawn, her mind clear after hours of preparation, Yk’Lagor could be deceiving, even to her own house, and often had her own agenda. She had never spoken with Yk’Lagor alone, but it was long overdue, even though her slothful mother still felt her too young for contract. A day past during their visit, none could enter and none could leave, as bound by the blood oath of entrance. A deal would be struck or a death would be had in family Yathtallar. Yk’Lagor anger at mother matched Zilvra’s own boiling blood as her tale left her lips. Zilvra garnered Yk’Lagor’s favor, her powers strengthened in the occult that day, the price steep, the blood of her family was to be Yk’Lagor’s by three days or her soul would become hers. Zilvra held no love for her siblings, they only plotted ways to steal her mother’s favor, her father was simply another male Drow, weak and pathetic; she still did not understand her mother’s choosing. Her mother’s death would be to her benefit, she would no longer be Zilvra, but Matron Yathtallar, and her mother’s time had passed. She would carry her sacrifice to Yk’Lagor with pleasure. She bound the sacrifice with a promise to bring Yk’Lagor five daggers, not just any daggers, but the life song of the Ma’m’s and the heart of their power. With these, she would show and help Zilvra bring the Beauty Underneath to the flesh, to release them all to their rightful throne over all mortal flesh.

She instilled great caution to Zilvra, “You are small, punitive, to this world; my power shall grow in you as the very seed of strength. Feed and fertilize this power, give me blood and I will give you strength, spread my webs far and wide, but do not strike too soon, or they shall have your head and I shall have your soul. If you think your death would be quiet, do not forget the hell in which I shall have you burn eternally should you fail. Years are but moments to me, do not lay prey to unnecessary haste child. Now go.”

Chronicle: The Beginning
Journal of Zilvra

15 Quintas
The start of our journey is going well, and the small fortune mother had been hiding will come in handy I think. I was not quite sure how I would manage this journey on the small amount of coins she allotted a month for spending. To think she had been sitting on nine hundred gold pieces this whole time. Though it makes me wonder…what was she holding so much for? It at lease allowed enough for me to get new traveling cloths, my standards were such a bloody mess. Who would have thought the youngest would give so much trouble. Little brat scratched my face too. At least I have the pleasure to know her soul now belongs to the succubus.
I had hoped to fleet out of Medelzurin by that night, though it proved to be a relatively optimistic thought. It is best to let the city think my house simply fled rather than the truth. It perhaps would have been easier then dragging what was left of them into the mushroom forest. Though, best I return as the lone survivor of my family then the butcher, though the houses would understand if they knew everything. Some secrets are best kept to one’s self though. Luckily on the third trip I stumbled across another drow who seemed in a similar circumstance. Merolil’Rak should prove useful, and his subdued nature befits my style. He could still use a little training when addressing me, however, it is minor. My house has too many enemies and he seems oblivious of my deeds, despite the blood that stained my wardrobe.
I had hoped to make note each day of our travels, though I am finding time alone is hard to find. I am one drow, and succubus made it entirely clear that overconfidence would be my down fall. I shudder to think what hell she would place me in should I fail my contract. For now a lack of timeline is refreshing, though I am sure she will grow impatient should I dally too much. Tomorrow we will breach the surface, luckily we were able to obtain glasses to protect from the sun above. It shall not be easy to hide what we are; yet, it is not too uncommon to see drow above. After all, we are not the first to be cast out or abandon Medelzurin on a greater errand. I do not have much knowledge of the surface, nor a place to even begin, only a small drawing of a knife. I wonder why succubus wants five of them, are there only five M’ams?
Port Lyss will be my first stop, a large city, perhaps I will find some direction there. Surely someone there has heard of these M’ams. The walk shall be a long one.

21 Quintas
It was a miserable day, hot and who knew the sun would be so harsh! Nothing but dusty road for miles. We should really look into a better way for travel. One of those carriages that passed us would be nice, though hardly ideal. I might just have to learn riding a horse, though it does not look very comfortable.

29 Quintas
So this man, Merolil’Rak, it would seem has been shunned. Perhaps this is why he did not ask so many questions. I shall have to figure out exactly what his family did we have enough time for idle chatter whilst we travel. It has been a week already, this road is endless, though more traffic is a good sign, even if it is unwanted.
An outlaw of Mendelzurin is ideal, less questions, I can only stomach so much dishonor. They were guards, but guards of what? Usually they are simply dismissed for petty failings, not completely removed….
30 Quintas
We are not far now, I would have preferred to push into the night, I do prefer traveling in the dark. Merolil’Rak is correct though, humans see night travel as suspicious; we do not want that. As we get closer I can feel my nerves tingling. I cannot appear to falter, yet, what am I looking for? I am not even sure if Port Lyss was a good direction…
…I cannot think that way, of course I picked a good start, we will find a lead there. Though we have funds…I could perhaps stall a few days with some odd jobs, you are constantly hearing stories of heroes on quests for money, they do not need to know my future plan.

3 Ferandis
We made the city, though it did not go well, not well at all! Of course I decided getting another in a party from the surface would be smart, yet a dwarf….A crass, beligerant, drunken dwarf! What have I gotten myself into…
…I suppose I should explain a bit more least I try to read through this later….
The travel into town was not…horrible…a few strange looks, though with our hoods up it was not terrible. We managed to find a decent tavern, quiet enough for my liking. There were only two jobs, though I need time to stall. Luckily one was underground and local. That should bode well. Oddly enough though, a posting for a dwarf wishing to find the river of sticks….Not many have reason to venture there…
However, we could use another, especially a surface dwarf, I would bargain with him, he helps me, and I will help him find that river of sticks, one way or another.
First mistake…a dwarf! What was I thinking? Of course I could not find some mortal human, they are so easily manipulated…I could already see after one meal this would be a very, very long journey. At least clearing these caves would give me a chance to see if he is even worth the time.
So now our little party became three when oddly another drow reached out. I knew others were up here, though to find one on my third day above? Velve House Viclogafen…so familiar…I cannot quite place my finger on where I have heard or seen that name…He has manners enough, and brings us to four. At least it is not another dwarf…
We made our way to the first job, our contact the city guards. This would prove useful, it is good to be well liked by the city officials. It seems a sink hole appeared and someone or something has been tunneling. Low and behold, spiders…I had been hopeful at first, perhaps I could talk with them through my pet, yet, it appeared not. They were not hard for the most part, that was untilled one managed to strike me. I was so drained of strength…poison obviously. Now here I am forced to rest. If I cannot even dispatch a cavern of spiders….

4 Ferandis

Today I felt much stronger. I decided while everyone was out I would look for some answers on my own. All cities have a chant to help visitors, I started there. Other than the grotesque gnomes in that putrid place it proved quite helpful. Who to help me better than a wizard, a wizard that does not want to be found and hides in a dark part of town. Sounds just like the person I need. I knew it would cost a pretty penny, one hundred gold should settle it.
To my surprise, the wizard was another drow! Perhaps the heart I took on the way down brought the Beauty’s blessing. This place is just crawling with drow, odd I think. Though she knew of what I sought and I even procured a map of their locations. It would not be long before the knives become mine and I obtain the information I need. Who are the M’am and what are they to the Beauty? Succubus would not have me kill The Beauty’s minions, not without good cause at least. She said I could borrow this map…I should memorize it quickly, though perhaps when I have time I can simply copy the map. I do not see why she would hold this map so dearly, this better pan off, that hundred gold was almost the last of my funds. Even odder still was her strange obsession that I knew who she was…I merely thought her to be dark wizard…and who would I tell of her location? I know none but those I met a few days past. Perhaps I can probe the other drow and dwarf on this…I must be careful though.
It would seem I was not the only busy bee this day as Velve also met with someone by the name of Lord Madrigal. Strange man that one, though not bad looking for a human. I am not sure what Velve seeks of him, yet his offer of steady jobs and pay sounds quite good. After nearly being defeated by a spider I could use the training. He also knows of the knives…It would seem my first location will be M’am Cathiel to the south, though first we will go north on this odd quest. This human seems to have quite the web on the surface, a web in which we are but one of a million spiders…he could prove useful, and when one has so many spiders…it is not so easy to notice when some are getting bigger then one’s self….

5 Ferandis

We finished the job in the sink well. The pay was not nearly worth the work. However…being drow…it has granted a less watchful eye. Now we move for Lord Madrigal’s errand to Port Venn. I am not sure why he wants this man so publically humiliated, though it should prove an easy enough task….

The New Year

The new year is nearly upon us, and yet we still must deal with this dark elf. Perhaps the gods yet may show me a way to be rid of him. Perhaps The Old Man will show me a way, one can only pray… for I grow weary of his ways, for he has no honor, and this causes me concern.


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