The Evil Within All

21st of Illenith

The adventurers are still trapped below Kaponya Spire.

Searching through the Next section, after being locked down into a room, the adventurers continue onward.

In the bowels of the spire, they found what appeared to be an ancient and abandoned temple to Urgathoa. one of the adventurers found a necklace with teeth in glass spheres. Others found silvered daggers.

They also stumbled upon several traps and a a rather ingenious puzzle which involved clock hands. They failed at the puzzle and wound up being forced to fight a shade. After using some magically charged pure silver daggers, they continued to explore until they found a small laboratory. Within they fought some plague zombies, but that seemed to be all as they were hurting even worse for wear and needed rest. They blocked themselves into the room and waited again.

The Cleric's ass summons Ghasts!!!

Brakkard here again!!! So since last time I updated we played again (big surprise!!!). Myself, Iscah, Gar, Aggie, and Edal continued where we left off from the previous post. Down the hall we camped in was a large room with 5 doors (two of which held water that healed or did damage, and two of which exploded on contact). The fifth door led us to an even larger room that descended slightly and ended at an altar that appeared to be a summoning circle. After lighting one of the five candles around the circle (thanks Gar), I decided to rape Iscah in the ass again and Gar helped hold her down. Immediately we were attacked by 10 Ghasts, which proved to be quite a match for us. We managed to defeat them all (after many of us spending 3/4 of the fight paralyzed and/or unconscious… BIG THANKS TO EDAL AND ISCAH FOR THE AWESOME HEALS AND BUFFS ) but were unable to loot them due to the summoning circle activating and the room filling with fire. All we saw was an arm coming from the summoning circle before we RAN FOR OUR LIVES!!! (“What do we take from this? The Cleric’s ass summons Ghasts!!!”) We traveled further and discovered stairs leading to the second level of the dungeon (B2). Immediately after descending we found our way into a room with more gas corpses (see last posting) that we ignored. The next room had lab tables and a scientist stitching something together (from the appearance of some of the enemies we’ve fought we deduce that he is making more enemies for us). Gar kills him and “wolves” seemingly stitched together come out from under the tables to attack us. We easily disassemble them then proceed down the hallway further, finding a secret switch next to the next door. Through the door is a trap that looks like two spiked walls with the spikes facing each other leaving just enough room for someone to walk between. Pulling the switch once flips the bottoms of both spike walls out and raising them to the ceiling (now looking like a spiked ceiling). Pulling the switch again causes the bottoms to release swinging both spike walls down crushing into each other effectively impaling and crushing anything in between. Pulling the switch again separates the spike walls to their original positions ready to go through the same positions again. We then set the walls in the up and ready positions and go back to the lab where we killed the wolves. Since the lab has no other entrances and satisfied that we are safe we lock the lab door from the inside and rest therein.

Holy Vampiric Entrail Skeletons Batman!!!

Brakkard here dropping some info into our page cuz I’m brown and bored. So last I remember we (Brakkard, Iscah, Gar, and Cath) were all in the dungeon under the “abandoned” Baroness’s estate. Thus far we have built a bridge of broken wooden tables and 100ft of silk rope to a tower with a switch controlling a giant impenetrable steel door with an illusion spell right behind it. We have traveled all of the southern-most rooms all the way to the southeastern-most corner of the first level of dungeon (B1). After removing multiple Ghouls and Skeletons from our path, we traded attacks with what was a writhing, teaming mass of entrails inhabiting a skeleton (Mohrg?). We defeated that pain in the ass then proceeded on to find more rooms to the center of the dungeon level B1. After battling along through these rooms we enter a room with a single floor tile that (upon Sense Magic being used) glows with a magical aura. Pressing on it slightly causes the tile to sink under the floor and skeletons burst from the walls. We defeat 10 total (out of 12) before the room starts shaking and the floor falls out from under us. We make it to the northern-most door and proceed into a hallway that we clear out and camp in, leaving the left over skeletons falling to their presumed permanent dooms. We also found an ossuary in the southeastern-most part of the map, which has a secret switch behind the altar that, when activated, raises mosaic-like grooves in the floor for channeling sacrificial blood from the bowl on the altar.

Main Things to Note
- There seems to be a certain tile lining a good number of the walls and we have determined that skeletons ARE behind the tiles and some have come to life (see above).
- The corpses that hang in a room close to the original entrance are filled with poison gas. There was no way to determine how much gas was in each corpse, we were only informed that there could be multiple bags containing gas in each limb of each body. DO NOT DISTURB!!!
- The fountain in the room behind the portrait of the “7ft tall elven vampire” possesses a 3-5 inch deep pool of semi-warm blood (as of this posting). The room is also impeccably clean.
- There seem to be some sort of human/vampire hybrids being Frankensteined in the dungeon.
- The emblem of the wraith seems to be quite saturating in this dungeon.

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