Tag: Religion


  • Diabolism

    Diabolism is a philosophical interest in understanding, serving, and promoting the organizational structure of Hell. Diabolists do not venerate Asmodeus or his Archdevils in particular, preferring to come to a greater understanding of the hierarchies, …

  • The Beauty Underneath

    The Beauty Underneath is a complex ideal and deity all at the same time. The Philosophy of The Beauty is based in [[Diabolism]]. As such, the Beauty and her Consort understand the necessity of opposing forces, and—more often than not—seek to respect …

  • The Red Book

    The Red book is much the bible that those who worship [[The Beauty Underneath | The Beauty Underneath]] follow. Inside are passages and other things that are referenced by the Drow and other worshipers. The book is separated into 17 chapters. Several …

  • Prophet Vieranna

    Name Meaning : Dark Advisor A prophetess of the Drow. Her words and works are within [[The Red Book | The Red Book]]. Return to [[People | People]]