House Rules

These are the Rules of the House. Please make sure that you take them into accounts -

1. Once per night or session, any PC has the ability to make a single re-roll on a d20 that has ended badly, or shall end badly. Please take into note that in order to re-roll, the DM must be told that the re-roll shall occur, before the initial roll is announced.

2. Any player who determines that they wish to play as their PC, the class known as Bard, must be musically inclined in real life. Meaning, if the bard is going to preform… so must the Player. It does not matter weather an instrument is played or a voice is used – music must happen.

3. If for some reason, you are not able to show up to game, please inform the DM somehow. Be it by phone call, e-mail, proxy by another player, or even carrier pigeon. This way, you will still receive half experience for the day that you are gone and your character will simply suffer from Lack-of-PC-ness disease and nothing horrid will happen to it. If for some reason, you manage to miss three games without anyone knowing what has happened, your character will, after suffering from lack of PC-ness, die a creative death.

4. Smoke signals are not appreciated.

5. There is also the SEX (Submissions for Extra XP) Rules.

6. Bribery is possible. Sense Motive to see if the NPC is bribable. Diplomacy to know how much is appropriate.

Innuendo (Diplomacy) to imply that you want to bribe him. And Innuendo by the NPC to tell the PCs he wants to be bribed.

And it would give a (hefty) bonus to Diplomacy. (+5 modifier on a successful roll) A solid penalty if the PCs bribe with too little, implying that the would be bribee not only can be bought, but bought cheaply. (-5 modifier)

7. In repair to the SEX System, we have replaced it with the ability of Prestige Points. It makes the system a little easier and is also much easier to track too.

8. Use Rope is replaced as follows – A ranged touch attack, with the DC modified by distance (height), cover (of the spot you’re trying to hitch to), and prevailing weather conditions (is it slippery from ice and rain?). You would use your BAB modified by your DEX (for accuracy) and STR (for distance).

Something like this:

BAB + STR + DEX + D20 vs. Distance (+2 to DC for every 5 feet) + cover + condition.

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House Rules

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