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Welcome to Pernishia and the Jeweled Isles.

This is the world of Magic and Sorcery and Battles galore. People come along, and they try to make the world a better place. The key word in that sentence is try.

People are filled with evil. Try to survive.

There are many things that can be handled here. Try looking around and see what I have. Remember that this place is still a little under construction. I’ll be better about this later on. I promise.

New to the Realms? Then you should start here.

Places – Oh and how you will get there. Maybe there will be maps eventually…

People – Those people who you meet, want to kill, want to help, want to flee from…

Important Information – Seriously, we said it was important. This might also have some secrets garnered in here somewhere…

Experience – Just a way to keep track of exactly that.

Calendar – The Time does pass, but you sometimes gotta know what the year looks like to the rest of you.

House Rules – A listing of the House rules for this particular campaign.

ACHEIVEMENTS – Why don’t you take a look?

Acknowledgements – Here is where we give credit where credit is due!

Main Page

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